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The internet is an incredible tool to use for any business whether its a traditional brick and mortar business or the ever growing internet based venture. Our goal here at the A-Team Farm is to expose the world to a new way of doing business.

Our major focus is the world of JOINT VENTURES. Too many business have not learned how to team up and pool resources to give customers a better overall experience. We will show the world how to do this better.

Another avenue that could use a boost in the market place is training. So many people have the desire to start a business and the expertise in their given field but don't have the right training to navigate on the internet. Watch as we give step by step training steps to help you thrive in this market.

Finances finances finances. If you need them we have them. As traditional sources tighten their belts and lend less money find out how we are able to finance companies and individuals in this ever changing economy.

Can you advertise effectively and inexpensively? For most the answer is no. It's about finding out where you market frequents and creating ads that catch their eye. Don't know how? Let us teach you.

So many people miss the boat when it comes to referrals. They can be your best bet to get a sale. Learn our proven method to shorten your sales cycle by the use of referrals and our even growing referral base.

Marketing online and offline are two distinct animals. Having expertise in one doesn't give you license in the other. Give us an opportunity to share our experiences and guide you to increased market visibility.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


joint venture

a business enterprise in which two or more companies enter atemporary partnership. Abbreviation:  JV, J.V.

This is the most amazing concept in the business world. All companies are looking for primarily the same thing. More customers, more sales and more exposure. Why can't we team up together and establish partnerships that benefit us all. In my opinion there is a trepidation to team up with another business especially an internet venture because of the fear of the second company stealing your list or lead base. This is as far from the truth as can be stated. There is a great way to coexist in a manner that will help both businesses achieve their individual and separate goals.

Let me explain it this way in a scenario. My primarily business is in the travel industry with an organization named Coastal Vacations . In my venture I have as many unlimited 3 day 2 night taxes only vacations as I want. To explain in laymens terms what this means is that for a nominal fee of about $50 you can enjoy a 3 star hotel stay. This is an incredible tool as most 3 star hotels like the Holiday and La Quinta's charge about $100 a night. Thats a savings of about $250 for your stay. Now imagine if we offered every customer that came to your website a chance to win one of these vacations in a drawing? Or used it to market one of your products. I have used this method on various occasions with business to market there goods. For example I did a promotion with Domino's Pizza where everyone that bought a certain product or spent $25 with a chance to win a Carnival Cruise ( I forgot to mention I have an unlimited supply of Carnival or Caribbean Cruise where all the customer pays are the port charges and taxes for a 4 day 3 night cruise and nothing for the cabin) and was able to give everyone that entered the drawing one of the taxes only vacations just for looking at my website. Domino's went from a $1000 daily profit to a $7000 profit and I gained over 3000 travel leads and ultimately made 11k from my follow-up selling my Coastal Vacations Lifetime Travel Package . It was an easy promotion and with the help of the manger and a little ingenuity on my end by creating a website that the participants could go to for details my presence wasn't even necessary. Domino's did the promoting of the event for me so my cost was nothing. All I had to do was approach a business owner that was open to a new way of advertising.
Now how does this help you? Easy. We can do the same promotion over and over with whatever product you desire. The best part is im willing to do this for free. For me its a great way to promote my travel business. For you it's an amazing way to promote whatever product you desire or just get more traffic to your website. The word of mouth advertising that this created allowed me to do the same promotion with many other businesses. I did the work one time and get paid over and over. Now talk about duplication. The best part is that other than others in the travel industry I can do this promotion with any other business internet or otherwise on the market. I can do this as well with businesses to reward employees. They can create promotions for employee of the month or however they see fit.
So now its up to you. Is this something that you think can benefit you? I believe it is. If you think so the ball is in your court. Contact us asap to find out how to do your own promotion. Again I mention this is a free service we provide in an effort to increase our sales as well as help others thrive in the world of internet marketing. By using joint ventures we both can succeed.
Be on the look out for massive advertising campaigns I'm creating promoting this idea. There will be how to videos as well as video's showing the promotion bonanzas. 

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