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The internet is an incredible tool to use for any business whether its a traditional brick and mortar business or the ever growing internet based venture. Our goal here at the A-Team Farm is to expose the world to a new way of doing business.

Our major focus is the world of JOINT VENTURES. Too many business have not learned how to team up and pool resources to give customers a better overall experience. We will show the world how to do this better.

Another avenue that could use a boost in the market place is training. So many people have the desire to start a business and the expertise in their given field but don't have the right training to navigate on the internet. Watch as we give step by step training steps to help you thrive in this market.

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Marketing online and offline are two distinct animals. Having expertise in one doesn't give you license in the other. Give us an opportunity to share our experiences and guide you to increased market visibility.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Benefits of Teaming Up

team - a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers.

The team is the basis of all relationships. Whether it a an intimate relationship or a pick up game on the blacktop the basic unit is the team. The cohesiveness of the team can make or break that team. It is important to find and define the strengths and weaknesses of all the individual members to establish who should handle what job.

So in terms of a JOINT VENTURE how do we determine how the partnership will work. It is important to first put all ego's aside and understand the team is a team and not out for their own agenda. Their is a shared agenda. Now part of that shared agenda are the components that benefit each party but not at the expense of the other party. You must take a true assessment of what each party brings to the game. Maybe one party is good at advertising and the other is good at writing good ad copy. It's melding of the mind in the true sense of teamwork.


Years ago I was taught that the only way a deal could be a good deal is if both parties left the deal feeling they had achieved their own objectives. I add to this it must also not be at the expense of either partner. As humans our entire experience centers around our own needs. We need to feel important and justified. without this destructive behavior will come out and we begin to act like kids fighting over a toy. To make this work in a joint venture it takes learning to share. Putting egos aside and acting for the good of all parties. It is important to work at this when we go into the deal. To act in a sharing manner. If you take this mindset into it you will succeed. You will walk away feeling like you got exactly what you wanted.

Can you act in a team? If you can't then you must look inside yourself and find what it takes to do this. To be successful in business or in life for that matter this is a skill that is imperative. It about learning to act in the area of sharing. The internet has created an opportunity to connect the world and the ones that become successful had learned to use this connection to give others what they want so they can get what they need. 

I challenge you to revamp how you do business and l assure you that success will be in your future. If you are looking for a partner to team up with the A-Team and join us in a JOINT VENTURE . We look forward to our partnership.

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