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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finding Your Dreams by Leaving Your Comfort Zone

What do you desire that you don't have now? A new job? A new Relationship? A new home? Make a list of all the things you want in every category you can think of. Everything you desire that you don't have, is outside of your comfort zone. Do you want to release some weight or be in better shape? If you do, then you just got your answer on how to find everything else on your list. Einstein said, "To continue doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity." The implication is if you want different results you have to do something different.

That where most people stop. They either feel that they can't change, or they come up with reasons not to change. Either way nothing new happens. Change is scary for many people. Men might not admit it but it scares them too. Change usually represents the unknown. Fear of the unknown is a big cause of stuckness.
If we can recognize the fear and push through it, we usually find that whatever we were afraid of isn't as bad as we thought. Sometimes it's not only pleasant but downright exciting!

Change happens instantly. Deciding to change usually takes time, sometimes years. The easiest way to change is the baby step process. Set your goal, but then break it down to very small, and very doable tasks. Begin by choosing something you can definitely complete today. It could be as easy as looking up a phone number. You don't even have to place the call. Just look up the number. You may find that you will place the call, but the goal was only to look up the number. When you complete your small goal, you are retraining your sub-conscious mind to work with you. Since the majority of our lives are run by our sub-conscious mind, it's best to get it to align itself with our conscious mind.

Sometimes we don't want to choose for fear we might make a mistake. Not choosing is a choice. It's another way we stay stuck. Procrastination is putting off the inevitable which usually makes it worse. Why not empower yourself by taking the time to evaluate your choices, choose the best one, and take action. If it's something that involves something unpleasant, why not get it out of the way, which allows the healing to begin to take place.

Sometimes it helps if you have support while going though your changes. So build a support team. Find people that will be supportive of the changes you want to make. Often times the people closest to you are actually the ones that oppose you changing. So be careful who you choose. A professional has your best interest at heart. Whether a coach, a trainer, a therapist or a friend or family member, be sure they know how you want to be supported. We each like support in our own way. Once you have a plan and a support system in place, dip your toe in the water outside your comfort zone and see what you find. Chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Written By: John Seeley

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